"Glorifying God by Teaching the Church to Reach the World"
"Glorifying God by Teaching the Church to Reach the World"

PreVision Ministries

PreVision Partnership partners with local churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals in reaching people for Christ and building the Kingdom of God through Bible Teaching, Evangelism, Training, and Leadership Development.

PreVision Partnership conducts pastors and leaders conferences, spiritual growth conferences, evangelism training and evangelistic events in Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America. If you wish to make a booking, please complete and email the PreVision Partnership Speakers Agreement form by clicking on the link HERE.
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TEACHING: Applying the Bible with relevance to the believer in churches and events at home and overseas. Developing books and resources to grow the believer and reach the seeker

  • "I was deeply blessed..."
    Johnathan Macris, President, Hellenic Ministries, Greece
  • "Peter's teaching ministry at the last two National Conferences of the Association of Evangelists (NCAE) has proved a great source of inspiration. Many of our Evangelists were encouraged, inspired and motivated through Peter's anointed messages (especially on being fishers of men)….the ministries & churches in Africa are the richer for this sacrificial ministry."
    Rev. Cecil Peasley, President, NCAE, South Africa
  • "It was a delight to have Dr. Peter Grant minister with us in Africa…wherever he went he endeared himself to the people with his warmth, his sense of humour and the clarity of his messages. Many lives were touched and challenged. There is no doubt that any return visit would be welcomed and greatly appreciated. So please send him back again and again and again." 
    Dr. Nico Bougas (former Editor Emeritus, Today Magazine, South Africa; International Coordinator, Hellenic Ministries)
  • “…the greatest need that we clearly observe is that the local pastors and missionaries are in great need of training …many were blessed by Peter's teachings and encouraged by his subject…he spoke with conviction and very clearly explained from the Word of God, especially on the subject of 'Fishers of men'. They asked if there is any chance to bring him again to these areas and conduct such conferences. We believe whole-heartedly and pray that God would bring him several times to our country to strengthen the Pastors and missionaries."  
    Dr. Victor Nandigam, Grace Gospel Ministries, India

EVANGELISM: Evangelistic teaching, speaking, and training and encouraging believers and leaders in a lifestyle of relational evangelism; including leading ministry trips to Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

  • "After 50 years as a Catholic and 10 years of trying other denominations and churches, I finally came to the conclusion that my relationship with God was very superficial.... Peter’s message spoke directly to my heart. I felt I had found a home where I could start my walk to God....Peter’s messages and the worship service made me feel that between God’s love for me and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that I would spend eternity with God in Heaven...I know that Norma has experienced much of the same understanding and depth of God’s being through Peter’s teaching and has come to “get it” as she says after years of church attending."  
    Bill Wayco (Bill, and his wife Norma, served on the Board of PreVision Partnership)

LEADERSHIP TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Involvement in ongoing relationships of mentoring and encouragement with Christian leaders, pastors, and missionaries.

  • "The nights and days I've spent here listening to your teaching have been greater than 16 years full-time ministry as an overseer of a group if churches in Uganda...I thank God for you..."  
    Pastor Jospeh Kaweesa, Uganda
  • "I am inspired by the work of Dr. Peter Grant and have experienced the fruits of his ministry in person. It is because of his vision that my outreach ministry was launched and now thousands more are reached for God’s glory and purpose. It is with honor that I support his new adventure.”​
    Ken Mansfield, former U.S. manager of Apple Records and President, Au Bay Communications; Author of several books including “The White Book" (see www.fabwhitebook.comand "The Beatles, the Bible, and Bodega Bay” and outreach event “The Beatles, The Bible and Beyond.
  • “Peter is a wonderful Christian leader who is very gifted and he enjoys a successful ministry, yet he still makes time to help develop and encourage the work God is doing in others. I have known Peter for twenty years and throughout that time he has proved to be a wise and godly counselor in my life. I have worked under Peter’s leadership at Cumberland Community Church and his balanced approach to ministry, building-up Christians and creatively reaching out to non-Christians, is a wonderful example of what life should look like in the local church. His prayerful and visionary approach is exciting and challenging and I can hardly count the number of times I have been encouraged to step out in faith, reflecting on his words: ‘the finger that points the way belongs to the hand that provides.’ In 2005 I founded a Christian Apologetics ministry in Scotland called “Reason Why” (now Reason Why International in San Diego, CA) and throughout the process Peter was available to offer his prayer, support, and practical suggestions. He is a godly man, who walks forward by faith, and I am very thankful for our friendship and the investment he has made in my life.” 
    Alex MacLellanApologist, Author, Radio Host, Josh McDowell Ministries
     (Formerly Founder/Exec Director Reason Why International)
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