"Glorifying God by Teaching the Church to Reach the World"
"Glorifying God by Teaching the Church to Reach the World"

Ministry Highlights & Reports

Since 2006, here are just a few of the highlights...

  • fields that are being harvested faster than any time in history (in Brazil)
  • pastors attacked by extremists and STILL planting new churches (in India)
  • joyful all-night worship amidst poverty and persecution in a Hindu nation (in Nepal)
  • evangelistic training for "pastor-prisoners" in one of the world's largest and worst prisons (Africa)
  • young people working toward placing the Word of God in EVERY home in an entire country (Greece)
  • personal evangelism among the fishing and Messianic communities of Galilee (Israel)
  • compassion shown to the last, least, and lost---orphans, widows and sex-industry workers (worldwide)
  • 25,000+ pastors trained and encouraged in the work of the ministry (worldwide)

Video & Photos

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PreVision Africa...

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